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Hard Trance Europe are back with the second instalment in their high octane CD mix series through Black Hole Recordings. Raising the bar even further on the first edition, this time with no less than five leading names from the Hard Trance arena on mixing duties.


Fusing influences from all corners of Europe, Lab4, S.H.O.K.K., Luca Antolini, Andrea Montorsi and Nick The Kid all give us their upfront take on the harder side of Trance, spanning two euphoric and energy infused discs.


Prepare yourself for this neon-melting pot of uplifting and driving excursions, soaring riffs, big acid grooves, tech-laden beasts, monster reverse bass, to the downright dirty, hard and fast. It’s one hell of ride featuring tried and tested artillery, to upfront and exclusive tracks from the likes of; Scot Project, Key4050, S.H.O.K.K., DJ Wag, Lab4, Mark Sherry, Indecent Noise, Wavetraxx, Sean Tyas, Woody Van Eyden, K90, David Rust, Sam Jones, Nick The Kid, JTB, Renegade System and many more.



Disc 1 - Mixed by S.H.O.K.K. and Nick The Kid 


Part 01 - Mixed by Nick The Kid


01. Daniel Skyver - Temper Temper (Sean Tyas Remix)

02. Walt - Let The Music Play (David Rust Remix) 

03. Scot Project & Mark Sherry - Acid Air Raid (Sam Jones Extended Remix) 

04. DJ Wag - Man On The Moon (Indecent Noise Remix) 

05. K90 - Awakening (Nick The Kid Remix)

06. JTB - Higher 

07. Renegade System & Nick The Kid - Kontrast 

08. Scot Project - D (Don’t Go) 

09. JTB - Qontakt (

10. Shax - Equinox 


Part 02 - Mixed by S.H.O.K.K


1. Key4050 - Equinox (Extended Mix) 

2. Madwave - Solar Wind (Extended Mix) 

3. Maarten De Jong - Goodbye (Extended Mix) 

4. Talla 2XLC - The World In My Eyes 

5. S.H.O.K.K. - Souvenir 

6. Sachi Toyama - No comment (Wavetraxx) 

7. The Avains - Get Out 

8. Dave Spinout & TrickyDJ - The Dream


Disc 2 - Mixed by Luca Antolini & Andrea Montorsi and Lab4


Part 01 - Mixed by Luca Antolini & Andrea Montorsi


01. Luca Antolini & Eddy Rave - One Vision

02. Antolini & F. Zeta - Yaatra 

03. Woody Van Eden - Provocateur (Nicholson Remix) 

04. Wavetraxx - Neptune 

05. Ali Wilson & Chris North - Wanna Play (Luca Antolini & Andrea Monitorsi Remix) 

06. Mark EG & The Sixth Sense - Summer of ’96 (Tommy Pulse Remix) 

07. Andrea Montorsi - 2night (The Sixth Sense Remix) 

08. Luca Antolini & Andrea Montorsi - Sensation 

09. Luca Antolini & Andrea Montorsi - Last night (Original Hardtrance Mix) 


Part 02 - Mixed by Lab4


1. Ashley Smith - Freakshow

2. William Daniel pres. FU2RA - Back 2 The Program

3. Human Resource - Dominator (RAM Remix) 

4. Dave Spinout TrickyDJ - My Love

5. Mindflux & Kuznetsow - Electronic Voice Phenomenon 

6. Lab4 - Fair Warning 

7. Lab4 - Mind Control (Acid Storm Mix)  

8. Lab4 - Ctrl Alt Destroy (Virus Mix) 

Hard Trance Europe Volume Two (Double CD)