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Symmetrik Interview

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Having already made a big impression on HTE with tried and tested festival weapons such as 'Revolution', 'Lost in Translation', and their recent #2 Beatport smash'Excursion'. We thought we'd catch up up with the very hard-working and talented Northern Irish duo Symmetrik for a quick chat.  Having had an outstanding couple of years, we are very excited to welcome this breakthrough act to the 2022 Hard Trance Europe Weekender in Torquay on the 10th and 11th June. 

Hi Curtis, David, how are you, and what's been happening this week? 

Hi Nick, Thanks for inviting us, It's our pleasure! 

This week we have been super busy in our studio, working on two massive vocal projects that we can't wait to share..
Other than that we have been creating content and planning music for upcoming gigs with some great shows to look forward to!

Take us back to the very beginning, where did you guys meet, and what made you decide to form Symmetrik? 

In terms of friendship, we came up through the same secondary school and got to know each other a bit better in the later stages of school life. Our school was heavily influenced through Music and surprisingly, Dance Music was hugely popular! We were grateful and lucky to have weekly mentors takeover our class such as local Heroes like Gleave Dobbin giving us an early insight into music production and the music scene in general. From the ages of 16 and 17, we both had solo DJ careers and secured residencies for the NITF brand. 
As time went on we started to get booked for B2B sets as our styles were very similar, We personally enjoyed playing together and both agreed that we bounced off each other when mixing and created such a good vibe within our sets. 

As 2019 was approaching we strived for a fresh start  within our music careers and after much consideration and planning, we both decided that we would put all of our effort into producing original music and performing as one act, which then formed Symmetrik!

Your latest single Symmetrik - Excursion is reached number 2 in Beatport's Trance releases, in such a competitive market globally, you must be very happy with that? 

It's been very overwhelming for us to see so many people getting behind the track, We appreciate it a lot and it's the things like this that keep us pushing forward. We'll be honest and say we really didn't expect it to rank so high in such a competitive chart, although as we mentioned it gives us the confidence to explore a lot more in this style, a great buzz for sure!

With so many boxes to tick these days; social media management, design, promos, video content, production, networking, DJing etc the work list is endless right? How are all these tasks broken down between you both? 

Yeah 100% the list is endless! First of all we really enjoy working together which is the most important part, it’s a-lot easier for us to bounce of each other with content and production ideas and with there being two of us it can definitely take away some of the stress that can come with ticking every box. Essentially we can get double the work done at one time which is also a huge help! In terms of who does what, we both like to be engaged in everything and that way both have the skills to cover all areas!


Not so long ago you played a huge gig to a home crowd, please tell us how this came about and how it all went?  

What a show! The Woodvale Festival had a real sentimental touch to us as it’s were we are both from and have grew up our whole lives within the area. We were actually approached by the promoter just two weeks before the event took place as it was a list minute show especially with the pandemic still having its effect on the industry and not knowing what could take place. We took the two weeks to get as much fresh material as possible to play and decided to plan some content relating to how much it meant to us. With just a few days left to go until the event, we found out that we would close the night which you could imagine took the excitement to another level. 3,500 ravers in our back garden it’s  one that we won’t ever forget!

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You recently made your UK debut in the North, and next it's our turn in the South this June, when you fly over for our Hard Trance Europe Weekender in Torquay. Excited? 

Yeah man most definitely! It’s great to be getting the opportunity to play our music in other countries, meeting new people and creating new friendships, That’s what it's all about right? Having had 3 releases now with HTE it’s great to know that we can showcase our music to all of the beloved HTE fans, you can expect lots of unheard stuff for this one!


Catch Symmetrik's UK South debut at the Hard Trance Europe Weekender 2022, Torquay. 


Weekend tickets available now from Skiddle - Selling fast! 

So what's coming up for the rest of 2022? 

In terms of Music, we have a track coming on a Tidy Tracks compilation next week by Jordan Suckley focusing more on the blend of techno and trance. Also lots more music on the way from us this year but not sure we can give away too much details at the moment haha!  We are currently working on a massive vocal track which is actually a cover of a popular classic, super excited to share this one as we are taking a completely different approach to it…

As this is a feature for HTE, Can you each give us your top 3 Hard Trance tracks of all time? 

Put on the spot with this one haha!
Its got to be;
1.  Scot Project - FM3 
2. David Rust & Renegade System - Don’t Give Up
3.Yoda Inc - Definitely - Scot Project Remix


You guys ever argue?, If so, what are the usual triggers? 

Nothing ever too serious but we have our moments haha! We wouldn’t really call it arguing but more trying to get our opinions across until we eventually hear each-other out which always results in a positive outcome. We definitely believe that we work well as a team and couldn’t have made a better decision than to join forces just over 3 years ago from now!

What are your long term future aspirations for Symmetrik? 

We have some massive plans for future productions that are really exciting us and also have some massive shows that we could have only dreamed of happening this year, it’s a little to early to give details but it really is exciting times ahead for us! 
Long term goals is simply to keep becoming better versions of ourselves and keep consistent with our productions as always, we don’t like to set goals too far ahead of time and focus more within the coming weeks/ months and revaluate once we have achieved them, little steps at a time work best for us! 

Any final words? 

Thanks for inviting us to the Q&A Nick and will be great to catch up with yourself at HTE weekender. Also a big shoutout to all of the legends that bought our latest track on the label, the support is truly appreciated as always!



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