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Fred Baker Interview

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Hard Trance Europe catches up with the legendary Belgian Trance and Tech Trance maestro Fred Baker, to chat about Ed Lynam's devastating 2022 rework of his cult classic, 'Genetic', missed opportunities and more. 

Hi Fred. How have you been? What you been up to?

I actually have had a big operation recently on me against an illness I’ve had for several years now, but it was a success and I’m ready to go!


Great news! A good portion of your gigs appear, to be classic sets these days. Or even classics on vinyl. Do you enjoy them or would you prefer to to keep pushing new music through?

To be honest, I really enjoy playing classic sets, but my goal is to come back with new tunes and play them as well. I’ve lost many years fighting against illness. So it’s time now for having a new chance to produce as I did years ago!

You are well known for tech trance of course. What’s your view on where the tech-trance scene and sound is these days?

There are great producers and so many tracks released everyday. But I miss something original or fresh. When I listen to the the Beatport chart. I get the feeling I listen to the same sounds and structures in many of the tunes.


We’re here to talk about one of your most famous tracks; Dark Alliance – Genetic. Talk us though the history of the track and how the idea came about?

It’s actually a funny story! Both Tiesto and Armin van Buuren had the exclusvity to release many tracks from me. I sent “Vibration”  (The other Dark Alliance track in the release) which I made with my friends Greg Nash and Terry Bones. “Genetic” which I made with just Greg was considered as a B-Side at the time!! Haha. I received a text message from Tiesto’s manager refusing to release them. 1 week later the Dark Alliance tracks were signed on Ghoststyle. 1 month later Tiesto was playing the tracks all around the globe and Black hole asked me to sign the track to them. Too late! However it did feaature on Tiesto in concert.

As you know, HTE favourite Ed Lynam has remixed Genetic. The first time the track has been officially remixed. What are your thoughts on his remix?

I’ve received so many mashups and bootlegs of the track over the years, but Ed Lynam has definitely given the energy needed for the tune! I was supposed to make my own remix, but due my health at the time I couldn’t do it.

Which artists / up and coming talent are you rating at present?  

There are too many to choose from for me!
What equipment and software are you currently using?

I’m working with iMac (not the new generation LOL) and when I’ve free time, I produce on Logic, Cubase, Ableton and Studio One (I love this DAW).
What would you consider to be your biggest career disappointment?

I was supposed to play on tour with Tiësto when I’ve produced the Adagio For Strings remix for him. But sadly, those promises were never kept. And I never got paid for my work on it! that’s the sad reality of this musical business sometimes.
What would you consider to be your biggest career highlight? 

Playing with by the biggest names of the planet is great. But playing some of the biggest events is much better! For example, I was on the same lineup with David Guetta when he began his international career at Sensation White. I also just played Tomorrowland recently.
Will we see Dark Alliance return with new tracks? Or possibly even a show?

I don’t know. I need to focus on my future right now. I’ve lost so many year and I have a lot of ideas. Some collabs to finish and my own singles to produce.

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